Monday, February 16, 2009


Announcements For Ya All`~!

Look At The Post Title`~! Have Any Idea? Phew`~! My Next Posts Will Be About:

1. The Secrets Of Windows XP & Windows Vista!
-(Tips & Tricks U Should Know About Your Windows XP & Windows Vista!)-

2. Guns N Roses Latest Album (2008) + Metallica Latest Album (2008) [2 In 1 Bak|2|Bak]
-(Full Reviews About Their Latest Album + Download Links For Their Songs)-
-(Should I Separate My Reviews About Them?)-

3. Online Game That I Play!
-(I Never Play Online Game Before, But This Is Totally Awesome For Me!)-

Wokey, That's What My Next Posts Will Be And I Need Ur Comments + Ideas`~!

Footer: Sorry For My English, My Grammars Are SuckS`~! Wakakakakakaka`~! Wew`~!


  1. ehek...need my ideas ka???itu metallica bagus kasi asing2..sinang ba (for me la..xtau yg len) n then cuak ko ajar sa camna men itu o9 game???hahahahhaha JK~!

  2. Yups..true,true.. bek kc asing2 jak..sinang ckit.. Ayaa..cpt2 bha update blog ko, cam lama lg ni yg no.3 tu mo siap. wahahahaha...


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