Sunday, February 15, 2009

aNoTHeR TaG FRoM twofivesix256

Nha, Ni Tag Yang Ke-2, But This Time It's From twofivesix256. Wew`~!

It's Harder Than It Looks! Copy To Your Own Note, Erase My Answers, Enter Yours, And Tag 10 People. Use The First Letter Of Your Name To Answer Each Of The Following Questions. They Have To Be Real...Nothing Made Up! If The Person Before You Had The Same First Initial, You Must Use Different Answers. You Cannot Use Any Word Twice And You Can't Use Your Name For The Boy/ Girl Name Question. HAVE FUN!!!

1. What Is Your Name?
My Name Is Mr. KoRN | KiMi

2. A Four Letter Word:
Mmmm (M Thinking!) Wakakakakakaka`~!

3. A Boy's Name:
Mr. Sinatra Shinoda (Wew`~!)

4. A Girl's Name:
Marion Raven (Guess Who?) Wew`~!

5. An Occupation:
Mirc "Part Time" Chatter! (Wew`~!)

6. A Color:
Maroon 5! (Won't Go Home Without U) Wew`~!

7. Something You Wear:
My Nice & Tidy Uniform! Wew`~!

8. A Food:
My Own Style Of Maggi Asam Laksa (Wew`~!)

9. Something Found In The Bathroom:
Mangkuk Tandas! (Wakakakakakaka`~!) Wew`~!

10. A Place:
My Room Sweet Room (With A CHELSEA Sticker On My Door!) Wew`~!

11. A Reason For Being Late:
My Alarm X Berbunyi (Padahal Tidur Mati!) Wew`~!

12. Something You Shout:
MataiguysSsSsS`~! + Wew`~!

13. A Movie Title:
Madagascar 1,2 & 3 (The 3rd Sequel Is Coming Soon!) [I Like To Move It, Move It!] Wew`~!

14. Something You Drink:
Milo !Ping (Kaw2 Punya!) Wew`~!

15. A Musical Group:
Metallica (Love Them So Much) Wew`~!

16. A Street Name:
My Favourite Street Fighter 4 Zero Game! Wew`~!

17. A Type Of Car:
Muscle Car! Check This Out - Muscle Car Photos! Cool Huh? Wew`~!

18. A Song Title:
Master Of Puppets [Obey Your Master! Master, Master, Master!] Wew`~!

19. A Verb:
Muddled (Tell Me What's That Mean!) Wew`~!

Phew`~! So, Did I Follow The Rules? (Korn - Follow The Leader) Yeah, I Think I Did It`~! Am I Creative? Am I Having Fun? Yeah, I Do`~! Wakakakakakakakakakaka`~! Wew`~!

Here's The 10 Peoples That I Wanna Tag For This Task`~! You Have To Do It By Yourself, Unless It's A Quest, Then You Can Do It By Team! Wakakakakakaka`~! Wew`~!

1. PapA_JahaT (Wahai Adikku Kenen, Sila Buat Tag Ini Ya`~!)

2. BojoK (Bojok Bojok Bojok, It's Ur Turn Kenen`~!)

3. MasterdY (Huhu, Sori Lha Bro, Ko Pun Terpaksa Buat Kenen`~!)

4. MakaroniE (Got More Pasta?`~!)

5. Anonymous (One)

6. Anonymous (Two)

7. Anonymous (Three)

8. Anonymous (Four)

9. Anonymous (Five)

10. Hye, Berapa Banyak Punya Anonymous (Six) Dha`~! (Seven Anonymous`~!)


  1. erm..marion raven bukan itu ex M2M ka?hohoho

  2. Hehehehe finally someone plays by the rules. Kasi tabik spring la sama kau ah korn. *Lols

  3. huhu~ konpius pla tgk game Tag2 ni tau..hua3x.. ;p


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