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Windows 7

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Windows 7

Over The Past Few Years, Peoples Have Asked Microsoft To Make Some Changes To Windows And They Listened Closely. Now It's Time To Share An Early Look At How They've Used Our Feedback. Windows 7 Is Faster, More Reliable, And Makes It Easier To Do What You Want. Both The Everyday Things And The Killer "Is That Really Possible?" Things. Dig Into This Review To See What's Coming.

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Windows 7 Is Full Of Great New Features And Enhancements. See What You'll Be Able To Do.

What's New In Windows 7:


1.a. Improved Taskbar

New Windows 7 taskbar

Get The Picture: See What's Open With Previews And Easily Control Windows Experience With The New Taskbar

Improved Taskbar And Full-Screen Previews

The Taskbar At The Bottom Of Your Screen Is What You Use To Switch Between The Applications You've Got Open. In Windows 7, You Can Set The Order In Which The Icons Appear And They'll Stay Put. They're Easier To See, Too. Click Once On The New Large Icons Or Bigger Preview Thumbnails And You're Ready To Go. You Can Even See A Full Screen Preview Before Switching To The Window.

1.b. Jump Lists

A leap in efficiency: Jump Lists provide quick access to common tasks

A Leap In Efficiency: Jump Lists Provide Quick Access To Common Tasks

Jump Lists

With Windows 7, Microsoft Focused On Keeping The Things You Use Most Right In Front Of You. One Example: The New Jump List Feature. It's A Handy Way To Quickly Reach The Files You've Been Working With. To See The Files You've Used Recently, Just Right Click On The Icon On your taskbar. So Right-Clicking On The Word Icon Will Show Your Most Recent Word Documents. Plus, If There Are Other Files You Want To Keep Handy, You Can Just Pin Them To The Jump List.

1.c. New Ways To Work With Windows

Now you see them

Now You See Them

Now you don't: See through to the desktop with invisible windows

Now You Don't: See Through To The Desktop With Invisible Windows

New Ways To Work With Windows

Windows 7 Simplifies How You Work With The Windows On Your Desktop. You'll Have More Intuitive Ways To Open, Close, Resize, And Arrange Them. You Can Drag Open Windows To Screen Borders, So You'll No Longer Have To Click On Tiny Objects In The Corner Of A Window To Make It Do What You Want.

Maximize A Window By Dragging Its Border To The Top Of The Screen, And Return The Window To Its Original Size By Dragging It Away From The Top Of The Screen. Drag The Bottom Border Of A Window To Expand It Vertically.

It's Easy To Copy Files Or Compare The Contents Of Two Windows By Dragging The Windows To Opposite Sides Of The Screen. As Your Cursor Touches The Edge, The Window Will Resize To Fill That half of the screen.

To See All Your Desktop Gadgets, Just Drag Your Mouse To The Lower Right Corner Of Your Desktop. That'll Make All The Open Windows Transparent—Making Your Desktop, And The Gadgets On It, Immediately Visible. Want To Minimize All Your Windows? One Click And It's Done.

1.d. Internet Explorer 8

Available Now, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Helps You Do What You Want Online, Faster. With Innovations To The Address Bar, Search, Tabs, And The Favorites Bar, Internet Explorer 8 Brings You More Information, With Less Effort.

Instant Search

To Start, As You Type A Search Request You'll Immediately Start Seeing Relevant Suggestions From Your Chosen Search Provider, Complete With Images When Available. The Twist: Search Will Also Use Your Browsing History To Narrow The Suggestions. You'll Start Seeing Search Results While You're Typing. If You See What You're Looking For, You Can Go Right To The List Without finishing the request.

Instant Search: Start typing and search results start appearing

Start Typing And Search Results Start Appearing


There Are Online Services You Use All The Time. Like Getting A Map. With Accelerators, You Can Highlight A Bit Of Information On Any Page, Click On The Blue Accelerators Icon, And Choose From A Variety Of Services Relevant To The Information You Selected. So If You Highlight A Business Address And Right Click, You Can Use An Accelerator To Get A Map Right There. The Live Maps Accelerator Will Show A Map Preview Directly On The Page.

Accelerators get you what you need, fast

At Your Service: Accelerators Get What You Need, Fast

Web Slices

With Web Slices, You Can Instantly See Changes On A Website Without Going To It. Use A Web Slice To Monitor Things Like Auction Items, Sports Scores, Entertainment Columns, And Weather Reports. When The Content You're Watching Changes, Internet Explorer 8 Delivers Updated Information Directly To A Web Slice In Your Favorites Bar, So You Can See It Right Away.

Always up to date: Get Web Slice information from the Favorites bar

Always Up To Date: Get Web Slice Information From The Favorites Bar

1.e. Windows Live

With Windows 7, Some Features Previously Included In The Operating System Are Now Available For Download Through Windows Live Essentials, A Set Of Free Applications Available For Your PC And Supported By Windows 7. You Can Download Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Writer, Movie Maker, And More. With These Great Applications, You Can Improve Your Windows Experience, And Benefit From Faster Delivery Of These Features And Services.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery

1.f. Better Device Management

One Of The Great Things About PCs Is How They Let Us Use Such A Wide Array Of Devices. In The Past, You Had To Use Several Different Screens To Manage Different Types Of Devices. But With Windows 7, You'll Use A Single Devices And Printers Screen To Connect, Manage, And Use Whatever Printers, Phones, And Other Devices You Have On-Hand.

Gathering place: Devices and Printers collects device details in a single location

All Together Now: See All Your Devices In One Spot

A New Technology In Windows 7 Called Device Stage Takes Device Management A Step Further. Device Stage Helps You Interact With Any Compatible Device Connected To Your Computer. From Device Stage You Can See Device Status And Run Common Tasks From A Single Window. There Are Even Pictures Of The Devices Which Makes It Really Easy To See What's There. Here's A List Of Products That Take Advantage Of Device Stage.

Device Stage puts device features front and center

Device Stage Puts Device Features Front And Center

1.g. HomeGroup

Setting Up A Home Network Can Be Complicated. With PCs Running Windows 7, A Home Network Will Be Easier To Setup And A Lot More Useful. HomeGroup Makes It Easier To Connect To Other Computers And Devices On A Wireless Home Network, So You Can Share Files, Photos, Music, And Printers Throughout Your Home. To Use HomeGroup, You’ll Need To Have At Least Two PCs Running Windows 7. Once You've Set Up A Homegroup, You Can Use The Network And Sharing Center To Choose What You Share With Other Homegroup Members.

Decide whether to join an existing network

Decide Whether To Join An Existing Network

Easily explore content on other devices on the network

Easily Explore Content On Other Devices On The Network


2.a. Faster, More Responsive Performance

Nobody Likes To Wait. So Microsoft Focused On The Basics That Can Impact The Speed Of Your PC. Windows 7 Starts Up, Shuts Down, Resumes From Standby, And Responds Faster. You'll Have Fewer Interruptions And Can Recover More Quickly From Problems When They Do Occur Because Windows 7 Will Help You Fix Them When You Want.

2.b. Extended Battery Life

Performance Improvements Are About More Than Speed. For Example, Your Laptop Battery Lasts Longer With Power-Saving Features, Such As Adaptive Display Brightness, Which Dims The Display If You Haven't Used Your PC For A While.

Bright idea: With a display that dims automatically, you get longer battery life

Bright Idea: With A Display That Dims Automatically, You Get Longer Battery Life

2.c. Theme Packages Reflect Your Style

With Windows 7, You Start With A Clean DesktopAnd Get To Decide How It Looks. We Provide The Templates, Or Themes, And You Can Choose The Color Or Format, Including Whether You'd Like To Enjoy A Slideshow For Your Desktop Background.

New Theme Packages Include Rich Backgrounds, 16 Glass Colors, Sound Schemes, And Screensavers. You Can Download New Themes And Create Your Own To Share With Friends And Family. There Are Plenty Of Choices To Make It Yours.

By design: Themes give your desktop a personal touch

By Design: Themes Give Your Desktop A Personal Touch

2.d. Take Control Of Problems

Many Of You Asked Microsoft To Stop Windows From Sending So Many Alerts And Messages And To Give You More Control Over Messages. In Windows 7, You Get To Choose The Messages You Want To See.

Even If You Don't Change A Thing, You'll Still See Fewer Notifications And Icons Popping Up Because The Action Center Consolidates Alerts From 10 Windows Features, Including Security Center And Windows Defender.

Rather Than Popping Up With A Message In The Lower Right Of Your Screen, If Windows 7 Needs Your Attention, You'll See An Action Center Icon And Can Find Out More By Clicking It. If You Don't Have Time To Look At The Alert Immediately, Action Center Will Keep The Information Waiting For You To Address Later.

Choose when you receive notifications

Choose When You Receive Notifications

Simplifying maintenance, quieting the system: Action Center consolidates notifications

Simplifying Maintenance, Quieting The System: Action Center Consolidates Notifications


3.a. Share Music And Videos

One Of The Great Things About PCs Is How They Help You Put Your Pictures, Videos, And Music In One Place. Once Everything Is In That Spot, It's Natural To Want To Share It All With Other PCs In Your Home. Windows 7 Helps You Do It. Windows 7 Introduces New Media Sharing Features That Make Your PC A Great Hub For Experiencing Audio, Video, And Pictures Throughout Your Home. So, When You Set Up A Homegroup Or Stream Media From Windows Media Player, You Can Enjoy Your Music, Pictures, And Videos On Other Computers Running Windows 7 And Other Devices In Your Home.

Share your media without losing control

Share Your Media Without Losing Control

3.b. Windows Touch

While Great For A Lot Of Tasks, Using A Keyboard And Mouse Is Not Always The Easiest Way To Do Things. If You've Got A Touch-Screen Monitor, You Can Just Touch Your Computer Screen For A More Direct And Natural Way To Work. Use Your Fingers To Scroll, Resize Windows, Play Media, And Pan And Zoom. Large Touch-Sensitive Areas On The Start Menu And The Taskbar Make It Easy To Use.

Touch your computer screen when you'd rather not use a mouse

Touch Your Computer Screen When You'd Rather Not Use A Mouse

3.c. Handwriting Recognition Additions

Handwriting Recognition Takes A Big Step Forward In Windows 7. Beginning With Greater Accuracy And Speed, Windows 7 Improves Pen Input In Several Ways. You Can Write Math Expressions, Create Personalized Custom Dictionaries For Handwriting Recognition, And Use The New Languages Supported In Windows 7. Of Course, You Can Also Use The Pen To Just Make A Quick List.

Just jot it down

Just Jot It Down

Information About Windows 7 Is Preliminary And Subject To Change. Some Product Features Of Windows 7, Such As The Ability To Watch And Record Live TV Or Navigation Through The Use Of "Touch," May Require Advanced Or Additional Hardware. The Features And Functionality You Find In The Beta Product May Not Appear In The Final Version Of Windows 7.

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