Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Run Baby Run, Don't Ever Look Back, They'll Tear Us Apart, If U Give Them The Chance, Don't Sell Ur Heart, Don't Say We're Not Meant To be, Run Baby Run, Forever Will Be, U And Me.."

Wew`~! That's The Main Chorus Verse For Their Single Debut Entitled Check Yes Juliet. Kepada Korang Yg Belum Tahu Lagi Tentang Band Baru Ni, Me Got Informations Bout Them For Ya. We The Kings Merupakan Band Pop Amerika Yg Berasal Dari Bradenton, Florida.Mereka Menandatangani Label Independent Dengan S-Curve Records (Diterbitkan Oleh EMI Music) Dan Debut Album Penuh Mereka Telah DiReleasekan Pada Oktober 2007. Since Then They Have Completed A Variety Of Tours, Most Recently The "Bill And Trav's Bogus Journey" Co-headlining Tour With The Academy Is.... (Band Rock Yang Bertapak Di Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 1 Of The Country-side Of Chicago).
The Band Also Sports Their Own Miniature Series Of Webisodes, Called The King's Carriage, Yang Menceritakan Tentang Kehidupan Mereka Di Dalam Bas Tour Mereka. Mereka Akan Memulakan Sesi Rakaman Untuk Album Baru Mereka Pada Januari 2009. Mereka Juga Telah MeReleasekan Secret Valentine EP Secara Digital Pada 16 Disember 2008.

Ahli2 Band Ini Berjumpa Pada Pertama Kali Di Martha B. King Middle School Di Bradenton, Florida; Nama Band Mereka Dicipta Sempena Institusi Ini. Later, While In His Sophomore Year At Manatee High School, Travis Clark Started A Band Called Broken Image. At This Time, Hunter, Drew, And Danny Were All Playing In Other Bands, But Travis "Cherry Picked" Them To Form Their Band. However Due To Another Couple Of Bands Already Calling Themselves Broken Image, The Name Was Changed To DeSoto, Then, After A Lawsuit Ensued, To We The Kings.
The Group Began Touring Seriously While Travis, Danny And Hunter Were In College, And They Dropped Out Of College To Do So (Wew`~! Sanggup Bha Dorank Kan?), While Drew Graduated Early From High School. They Completed A Couple Of Tours With Boys Like Girls And Self Against City While Still Unsigned, And Landed On The PureVolume Top 10 List After Hiring A Manager.

The Band Has Cited Many Musicians As Influences, Such As Bob Marley, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Beatles. They Have Also Named The Modern-Day Jimmy Eat World. In Addition, Other Bands They Have Toured Will Receive Special Praise, Among Them Boys Like Girls And All Time Low.


  • Travis Clark - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Hunter Thomsen - Guitar, Backup Vocals
  • Danny Duncan - Drum
  • Brian Sconberg - Guitar
  • Gabe Coates - Drum

Wew`~! Me Harap Korang Berpuas Hati Dengan Info Yg Me Post Tentang Band Ni... Kalau Masih Jugak Tidak Puas Hati, Korang Pandai2 Lha Pilih External Links Tentang Band Ni Kat Bawah Ni. Wokey, That's All About Them From Me.. Wew`~!



  1. cuak bikin ceta ttg AX7 luk..leh ka???pastuh taru pic Synyster Gates..BASAR pnya ya!!!pastuh..ayumi hamasaki ;P me xpandai bha mo cr source dorg ni ehek~~!!!

  2. Hehe`~! Wokey Saja, Nanti Bwat Arr... Wew`~!


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