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Windows 7

Wew`~! What Is Windows 7? Wanna Know About It? Take A Dig To This Review`~! Wew`~!

Windows 7

Over The Past Few Years, Peoples Have Asked Microsoft To Make Some Changes To Windows And They Listened Closely. Now It's Time To Share An Early Look At How They've Used Our Feedback. Windows 7 Is Faster, More Reliable, And Makes It Easier To Do What You Want. Both The Everyday Things And The Killer "Is That Really Possible?" Things. Dig Into This Review To See What's Coming.

Take A Look Take a look

Windows 7 Is Full Of Great New Features And Enhancements. See What You'll Be Able To Do.

What's New In Windows 7:


1.a. Improved Taskbar

New Windows 7 taskbar

Get The Picture: See What's Open With Previews And Easily Control Windows Experience With The New Taskbar

Improved Taskbar And Full-Screen Previews

The Taskbar At The Bottom Of Your Screen Is What You Use To Switch Between The Applications You've Got Open. In Windows 7, You Can Set The Order In Which The Icons Appear And They'll Stay Put. They're Easier To See, Too. Click Once On The New Large Icons Or Bigger Preview Thumbnails And You're Ready To Go. You Can Even See A Full Screen Preview Before Switching To The Window.

1.b. Jump Lists

A leap in efficiency: Jump Lists provide quick access to common tasks

A Leap In Efficiency: Jump Lists Provide Quick Access To Common Tasks

Jump Lists

With Windows 7, Microsoft Focused On Keeping The Things You Use Most Right In Front Of You. One Example: The New Jump List Feature. It's A Handy Way To Quickly Reach The Files You've Been Working With. To See The Files You've Used Recently, Just Right Click On The Icon On your taskbar. So Right-Clicking On The Word Icon Will Show Your Most Recent Word Documents. Plus, If There Are Other Files You Want To Keep Handy, You Can Just Pin Them To The Jump List.

1.c. New Ways To Work With Windows

Now you see them

Now You See Them

Now you don't: See through to the desktop with invisible windows

Now You Don't: See Through To The Desktop With Invisible Windows

New Ways To Work With Windows

Windows 7 Simplifies How You Work With The Windows On Your Desktop. You'll Have More Intuitive Ways To Open, Close, Resize, And Arrange Them. You Can Drag Open Windows To Screen Borders, So You'll No Longer Have To Click On Tiny Objects In The Corner Of A Window To Make It Do What You Want.

Maximize A Window By Dragging Its Border To The Top Of The Screen, And Return The Window To Its Original Size By Dragging It Away From The Top Of The Screen. Drag The Bottom Border Of A Window To Expand It Vertically.

It's Easy To Copy Files Or Compare The Contents Of Two Windows By Dragging The Windows To Opposite Sides Of The Screen. As Your Cursor Touches The Edge, The Window Will Resize To Fill That half of the screen.

To See All Your Desktop Gadgets, Just Drag Your Mouse To The Lower Right Corner Of Your Desktop. That'll Make All The Open Windows Transparent—Making Your Desktop, And The Gadgets On It, Immediately Visible. Want To Minimize All Your Windows? One Click And It's Done.

1.d. Internet Explorer 8

Available Now, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Helps You Do What You Want Online, Faster. With Innovations To The Address Bar, Search, Tabs, And The Favorites Bar, Internet Explorer 8 Brings You More Information, With Less Effort.

Instant Search

To Start, As You Type A Search Request You'll Immediately Start Seeing Relevant Suggestions From Your Chosen Search Provider, Complete With Images When Available. The Twist: Search Will Also Use Your Browsing History To Narrow The Suggestions. You'll Start Seeing Search Results While You're Typing. If You See What You're Looking For, You Can Go Right To The List Without finishing the request.

Instant Search: Start typing and search results start appearing

Start Typing And Search Results Start Appearing


There Are Online Services You Use All The Time. Like Getting A Map. With Accelerators, You Can Highlight A Bit Of Information On Any Page, Click On The Blue Accelerators Icon, And Choose From A Variety Of Services Relevant To The Information You Selected. So If You Highlight A Business Address And Right Click, You Can Use An Accelerator To Get A Map Right There. The Live Maps Accelerator Will Show A Map Preview Directly On The Page.

Accelerators get you what you need, fast

At Your Service: Accelerators Get What You Need, Fast

Web Slices

With Web Slices, You Can Instantly See Changes On A Website Without Going To It. Use A Web Slice To Monitor Things Like Auction Items, Sports Scores, Entertainment Columns, And Weather Reports. When The Content You're Watching Changes, Internet Explorer 8 Delivers Updated Information Directly To A Web Slice In Your Favorites Bar, So You Can See It Right Away.

Always up to date: Get Web Slice information from the Favorites bar

Always Up To Date: Get Web Slice Information From The Favorites Bar

1.e. Windows Live

With Windows 7, Some Features Previously Included In The Operating System Are Now Available For Download Through Windows Live Essentials, A Set Of Free Applications Available For Your PC And Supported By Windows 7. You Can Download Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Writer, Movie Maker, And More. With These Great Applications, You Can Improve Your Windows Experience, And Benefit From Faster Delivery Of These Features And Services.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery

1.f. Better Device Management

One Of The Great Things About PCs Is How They Let Us Use Such A Wide Array Of Devices. In The Past, You Had To Use Several Different Screens To Manage Different Types Of Devices. But With Windows 7, You'll Use A Single Devices And Printers Screen To Connect, Manage, And Use Whatever Printers, Phones, And Other Devices You Have On-Hand.

Gathering place: Devices and Printers collects device details in a single location

All Together Now: See All Your Devices In One Spot

A New Technology In Windows 7 Called Device Stage Takes Device Management A Step Further. Device Stage Helps You Interact With Any Compatible Device Connected To Your Computer. From Device Stage You Can See Device Status And Run Common Tasks From A Single Window. There Are Even Pictures Of The Devices Which Makes It Really Easy To See What's There. Here's A List Of Products That Take Advantage Of Device Stage.

Device Stage puts device features front and center

Device Stage Puts Device Features Front And Center

1.g. HomeGroup

Setting Up A Home Network Can Be Complicated. With PCs Running Windows 7, A Home Network Will Be Easier To Setup And A Lot More Useful. HomeGroup Makes It Easier To Connect To Other Computers And Devices On A Wireless Home Network, So You Can Share Files, Photos, Music, And Printers Throughout Your Home. To Use HomeGroup, You’ll Need To Have At Least Two PCs Running Windows 7. Once You've Set Up A Homegroup, You Can Use The Network And Sharing Center To Choose What You Share With Other Homegroup Members.

Decide whether to join an existing network

Decide Whether To Join An Existing Network

Easily explore content on other devices on the network

Easily Explore Content On Other Devices On The Network


2.a. Faster, More Responsive Performance

Nobody Likes To Wait. So Microsoft Focused On The Basics That Can Impact The Speed Of Your PC. Windows 7 Starts Up, Shuts Down, Resumes From Standby, And Responds Faster. You'll Have Fewer Interruptions And Can Recover More Quickly From Problems When They Do Occur Because Windows 7 Will Help You Fix Them When You Want.

2.b. Extended Battery Life

Performance Improvements Are About More Than Speed. For Example, Your Laptop Battery Lasts Longer With Power-Saving Features, Such As Adaptive Display Brightness, Which Dims The Display If You Haven't Used Your PC For A While.

Bright idea: With a display that dims automatically, you get longer battery life

Bright Idea: With A Display That Dims Automatically, You Get Longer Battery Life

2.c. Theme Packages Reflect Your Style

With Windows 7, You Start With A Clean DesktopAnd Get To Decide How It Looks. We Provide The Templates, Or Themes, And You Can Choose The Color Or Format, Including Whether You'd Like To Enjoy A Slideshow For Your Desktop Background.

New Theme Packages Include Rich Backgrounds, 16 Glass Colors, Sound Schemes, And Screensavers. You Can Download New Themes And Create Your Own To Share With Friends And Family. There Are Plenty Of Choices To Make It Yours.

By design: Themes give your desktop a personal touch

By Design: Themes Give Your Desktop A Personal Touch

2.d. Take Control Of Problems

Many Of You Asked Microsoft To Stop Windows From Sending So Many Alerts And Messages And To Give You More Control Over Messages. In Windows 7, You Get To Choose The Messages You Want To See.

Even If You Don't Change A Thing, You'll Still See Fewer Notifications And Icons Popping Up Because The Action Center Consolidates Alerts From 10 Windows Features, Including Security Center And Windows Defender.

Rather Than Popping Up With A Message In The Lower Right Of Your Screen, If Windows 7 Needs Your Attention, You'll See An Action Center Icon And Can Find Out More By Clicking It. If You Don't Have Time To Look At The Alert Immediately, Action Center Will Keep The Information Waiting For You To Address Later.

Choose when you receive notifications

Choose When You Receive Notifications

Simplifying maintenance, quieting the system: Action Center consolidates notifications

Simplifying Maintenance, Quieting The System: Action Center Consolidates Notifications


3.a. Share Music And Videos

One Of The Great Things About PCs Is How They Help You Put Your Pictures, Videos, And Music In One Place. Once Everything Is In That Spot, It's Natural To Want To Share It All With Other PCs In Your Home. Windows 7 Helps You Do It. Windows 7 Introduces New Media Sharing Features That Make Your PC A Great Hub For Experiencing Audio, Video, And Pictures Throughout Your Home. So, When You Set Up A Homegroup Or Stream Media From Windows Media Player, You Can Enjoy Your Music, Pictures, And Videos On Other Computers Running Windows 7 And Other Devices In Your Home.

Share your media without losing control

Share Your Media Without Losing Control

3.b. Windows Touch

While Great For A Lot Of Tasks, Using A Keyboard And Mouse Is Not Always The Easiest Way To Do Things. If You've Got A Touch-Screen Monitor, You Can Just Touch Your Computer Screen For A More Direct And Natural Way To Work. Use Your Fingers To Scroll, Resize Windows, Play Media, And Pan And Zoom. Large Touch-Sensitive Areas On The Start Menu And The Taskbar Make It Easy To Use.

Touch your computer screen when you'd rather not use a mouse

Touch Your Computer Screen When You'd Rather Not Use A Mouse

3.c. Handwriting Recognition Additions

Handwriting Recognition Takes A Big Step Forward In Windows 7. Beginning With Greater Accuracy And Speed, Windows 7 Improves Pen Input In Several Ways. You Can Write Math Expressions, Create Personalized Custom Dictionaries For Handwriting Recognition, And Use The New Languages Supported In Windows 7. Of Course, You Can Also Use The Pen To Just Make A Quick List.

Just jot it down

Just Jot It Down

Information About Windows 7 Is Preliminary And Subject To Change. Some Product Features Of Windows 7, Such As The Ability To Watch And Record Live TV Or Navigation Through The Use Of "Touch," May Require Advanced Or Additional Hardware. The Features And Functionality You Find In The Beta Product May Not Appear In The Final Version Of Windows 7.

More Links From Microsoft (Download):

Warning: Download At Your Own Risk`~!

Welcome To Windows 7

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user posted image
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Ayumi Hamasaki-photo
Date Of Birth: October 2nd, 1978, (Fukuoka, Japan)
Zodiac: Libra
Nickname: Ayu
Height / Weight: 5' 1" (156CM) / 40KG
Favorite Women Entertainer: Keiko (Globe), Rie Miyazawa, Seiko Matsuda
Favorite Artists: Nicolas Cage, Rie Miyazawa
Favorite Films: The Bodyguard, Betty Blue, Leaving Las Vegas
Favorite Meals: Biscuits, Chocolates, Kimchi

Despite Her Child-Like Persona, You Can't Help But Sense Hamasaki Was Never Truly A Child. Born In Fukuoka On The Southern Island Of Kyushu, She Was Just A Toddler When Her Father Walked Out. "I Don't Even Know If He's Dead Or Alive," She Says. Raised By A Single Mother And A Grandmother, She Began Modeling Locally At Seven, In Part To Earn Money For The Family. It Was An Unusual And Lonely Childhood In This Country Of Steadfastly Nuclear Families, But Hamasaki Says She Wasn't Aware Of What She Was Missing. "I Thought Mommy's Life Was Strange, Not Mine," She Says. "I Didn't Understand My Loneliness Until I Moved To Tokyo." Hamasaki Made That Move At 14 To Pursue An Acting And Modeling Career. Old Magazine Spreads Feature The Sweetly Smiling Young Starlet Clad In Bathing Suits Or Prim Outfits That Would Never Make It To Her Own Wardrobe. After Bit Parts In Five Low-Budget Movies And A Handful Of TV Dramas, She Tired Of Acting And, With Her Tiny Frame, Did Not Have A Future In Modeling. Canned By Her Talent Agency And Dropping Out Of School In The 10th Grade, Hamasaki Frittered Away Her Days Shopping At Trendy Shibuya Boutiques And Her Nights Dancing At The Massive Velfarre Nightclub In Roppongi.

Then a Friend Who Worked At The Club, Owned By The Record Label Avex, Invited Her Out For A Night Of Karaoke That Forever Changed Her Life. The Friend Had Also Invited Masato ("Max") Matsuura, Who Introduced Himself To Hamasaki As A Producer. "I'd Never Heard Of Avex," Hamasaki Recalls, Laughing. "When He Asked If I Wanted To Pursue A Singing Career, I Said, 'No way.' He Was This Older Guy, And I Thought The Whole Thing Sounded Fishy." Over The Following Year, Though, Matsuura Persisted. Finally She Relented To His Request That She At Last Attend Vocal Training, Only Because "I Had Nothing Better To Do." But The Classes Were Dull And The Teachers Harsh. "I Felt Like I'd Gone Back To School," She Says. "If There Are Rules And Regulations, I Can't Help It, I Want To Break Them."

Finally She Confessed To Matsuura That She'd Skipped Most Of The Classes. But Instead Of Writing Her Off, He Proposed Sending Her To New York For Some Real Training. "I Thought He Was Kidding," She Says. "I Mean, I Was 17." Reluctantly She Went, Staying In A Midtown Hotel For Three Months, Taking Singing Classes A Few Blocks Away. "New York Was A Relief-Not All Hierarchical And Rule-Bound," She Says. When Hamasaki Returned To Japan, Matsuura Proposed Another Challenge. Because She Has Trouble Voicing Her Thoughts, Hamasaki Had Over That Year Corresponded With Matsuura Through Letters, Which Must Have Echoed Of Simple Yet Poignant Lyrics. "He Read Them And Said, 'Why Don't You Try Writing Songs?'" The Idea That She Could Express Herself In Song Imbued Her With A New Sense Of Direction. "No One Had Ever Asked Anything Of Me Before, Or Expected Anything Of Me," She Says Of Matsuura, Whom Hamasaki And Everyone At Avex Calls By His Title, Senmu, Or Managing Director. "Part Of Me Was Flattered; Part Of Me Was Terrified But Didn't Want To Admit I Couldn't Do It. Plenty Of People Had Patted My Head And Said, 'Aren't You Cute.' Senmu Gets Mad, But When He Praises Me, I Know I've Won It. He's Whe One Who Found Me And Drew Me Out." He Stuck By Her, Too, When Superstardom Didn't Occur Overnight. Her First Two Singles In 1998 Stopped At No. 20 On The Charts; Her Next Four Barely Broke The Top 10. Then Love~Destiny~ Busted Into The No. 1 Slot In April 1999, And Every One Of Her Singles Have Hit The Top Ever Three Since. The Responsibilities That Came With Her Ascension As A Recording Star Were A Fair Trade-Off For The Joyous Release Of Writing. "The 'Hi, This Is Ayu' Person On TV," She Says, Slipping For A Moment Into Her Alter Ego's Nasal, Anime-Character Voice, "Is The Person I Know They Want To See. I Understand It's My Role To Realize People's Dreams. I'm O.K. With That So Long As My Songs Are My Own. No One Can Take My Song Away From me."

She Is Complicit In The Brutal Arithmetic Of Fame: Trading The Freedom She Cherished For The Right To Tell Her Story Through Songs. Indeed, She Has Transcended Mere Songstress Status And Become Something Even More Venerated In Our Consumer Driven Society. "It's Necessary That I Am Viewed As A Product," She Says. "I Am A Product."

Grew Up In A Single Parent Home With Mother And Grandmother.
Was The Highest Earning Entertainer In Japan (2002).
Started Modeling Since Age 7.
Was The First Artist To Have 4 Singles On The Japan Top 10 Charts Simultaneously.
Won MTV Asia's Best Female Artist Award (2002).

Spokesmodel Of AUBE Cosmetics.
Spokesmodel Of HONDA.
Spokesmodel Of KOSE Cosmetics.
Spokesmodel Of Lycos Japan.
Spokesmodel Of MORIGANA (Food Company).
Spokesmodel Of Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic.
Spokesmodel Of TU-KA Handsets.

Discography-Album Studio :

1. Nothing From Nothing (1995, n/a)
2. A Song For XX (1999, 1.451.910 Copies)
3. Loveppears (1999, 2.562.130 Copies)
4. Duty (2000, 2.904.420 Copies)
5. I Am... (2002, 2.308.112 Copies)
6. Rainbow (2002, 1.857.870 Copies)
7. Memorial Address (2003, 1.062.288 Copies)
8. My Story (2004, 1.132.444 copies)
9. (Miss) Understood (2006, 877.433 Copies)
10. Secret (2006, 666.396 Copies)
11. Guilty (2008, 564.290 Copies)

Compilation Albums :

1. A Best (2001, 4.295.353 Copies)
2. A Ballads (2003, 1.041.000 Copies)
3. A Best 2-Black (2007, 702.895 Copies)
4. A Best 2-White (2007, 721.839 Copies)

All Of Her Albums That Stated Above Was Only Parts Of Her Albums. It Has To Be Say That She Have Unknown Remix Albums And Singles (Unreleased).
(Note - The Copies Total Above Was Only Due To Sales In Japan Only Based On Oricon Data.

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Wew`~! Hye Hye Hye.. Yare Yare`~! Hurm... Setelah Berhempas Pulas, Bersusah Payah, Bermati-Matian, Siap Jugak Post Me Pasal Avenged Sevenfold Sebelum Ni.. Wakakakakaka`~! Orayt, Kali Ni Me Mo Kongsi Pasal Synyster Gates`~! Taw Ker Saper Manusia Tu? Huhu..Kalau Nak Taw, Keep Readin My Post Bout Him~! Wew`~! (Nota: Post Ini Dibuat Atas Permintaan ^XynDee^)

Synyster Gates Live at Youngstown, OH

Brian Elwin Haner, Jr., Better Known By His Stage Name Synyster Gates Or Simply Syn Is An American Musician. He Is Currently The Lead Guitarist For Hard Rock Band Avenged Sevenfold. He Attended Mayfair High School In Lakewood, California.

Haner Attended, But Did Not Graduate From, The Musicians Institute In Hollywood As Part Of The GIT Program, Studying Jazz Guitar. Up Until That Time He Was Primarily Self Taught By Watching Music Videos & Reading Books, Which Is Surprising Because His Father Was/Is A Songwriter & Guitar Player, Having Played With Frank Zappa During His Career. After Six Or So Months Of Being There, He Got A Phone Call From The Rev (And The Rest Of The Current Line Up Of Avenged Sevenfold) Asking Him If He Wanted To Join The Band As Lead Guitarist. Haner Joined Up With Them Rather Than Continuing His Education And Becoming A Studio Musician.

Haner Joined Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) When He Was 18 At The End Of 1999, Right Before The Recording Of The Band's First Album, Sounding The Seventh Trumpet. He Was Featured On Their EP, "Warmness On The Soul", And On The Reissue Of Their First Album. He Also Plays Piano For The Band On Songs Such As "Beast And The Harlot" And "Sidewinder", Though A Friend Of The Band, Bassist Justin Meacham, Played The Piano On Warmness On The Soul.

In The Avenged Sevenfold DVD All Excess, To Emphasize The Seemingly Random Placing Of Names, Haner Stated That His Name Was Thought Of On A Drunken Drive Through The Park With The Rev. His Exact Words Were: "I Am Synyster Gates, And I Am Awesome!"

Haner Cites Django Reinhardt, Dimebag Darell, Slash, John Petrucci, Adam Aparicio And Francis Canavan As His Favorite Guitarists And Major Influences. He Has Won Numerous Awards, Including The "Young Shredder" Award Of The Year In The Metal Hammer Awards In 2006 And The "Guitarist Of The Year" Award For Total Guitar Magazine In 2006. In June 2008 Guitar World Magazine Interviewed Haner, Reader Shawn Butterfield Asked "You're One Hell Of A Guitarist. But Who Do You Really Look Up To?" To Which He Responded "Definitely Slash, The Ozzy Guitar Dudes, Alexi Laiho From Children Of Bodom, Jimi Hendrix Of Course, Dimebag Darrell From Pantera, Jimmy Page From Led Zeppelin, A Lot Man!"

Haner Was Also A Member Of The "Goblin Metal" Side-Project Pinky Smooth With The Rev And Justin Meacham. Pinkly Smooth Was Disbanded Because Haner And The Rev Wished To Focus Full-Time On Avenged Sevenfold, Although When Asked Recently, They Both Revealed There Is A New Side Project Being Planned, Featuring The Two Playing Older Pinkly Smooth Tunes.

Haner Has A Younger Brother Brent And A Younger Sister McKenna. His Father, Brian Haner Sr., Is A Musician And Comedian Known As "Guitar Guy", And Was Recently On Tour With Jeff Dunham.

Haner Is Endorsed By Schecter Guitars, As Is Zacky Vengeance, Almost All Of His Guitars Are Customised And Fitted With Seymour Duncan Invader Pickups. He Has Also Used A White 2003 Schecter C1-FR Which Specifications Are As Follows Per Schecter Guitars.

White 2003 Schecter C1-FR

  • Mahogany Body
  • Set Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Black Hardware
  • Original Made In Germany Floyd Rose Recessed Bridge
  • Master Volume Master Tone (Push/Pull Pot On Time Control For Tap On Both Pick Ups)
  • 3 Way Toggle Switch
  • Side Football Jack Plate
  • Schaller Strap Locking System
  • Floyd Rose R2 Locking Nut
  • Grover Tuning Peg
  • Gray Pearl Binding On Body
  • Dot Inlays
  • USA Duncan Invader Pickup’s In White
  • Black Pickup Mounting Ring
  • Black Head Stock
  • Solid White Body
  • Black Dome Knobs On Control
  • 10 To 52 Ernie Ball Strings Drop D Tuning.

Synyster Normally Uses Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader Pickups In His Guitars.


In The Past, Syn Has Used A Number Of Different Guitars

  • Schecter - C-1 FR, Custom Avenger Models
  • Gibson - Les Paul
  • Parker Guitars
  • Ibanez - RG Prestige
  • Krank Revolution Head (Main)
  • Bogner Uberschall And Caveman
  • Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
Speaker Cabinets:
  • Marshall 4x12 cab
  • Bogner Uberkab 4"x12" And Standard Bogner 4"x12"
  • Mesa/Boogie 4"x12" Dual Recto Cabinet
  • Krank Revolution 4x12" Cabinet (Main)
Effects Units:
  • Krank Distortus Maximus
  • Frantone "The Sweet"
  • Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb
  • Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
  • Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
  • Boss CS-3 Compressor
  • Visual Sound H20 Chorus/Echo
  • Digitech Whammy Pedal
  • Jim Dunlop Dimebag Crybaby From Hell Wah-wah pedal
  • Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Π Fuzz Pedal
  • Ernie Ball Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom' Strings
  • Jim Dunlop Gator Grip 2.00mm Plectrums-Custom Black With "Deathbat" Logo Printed
  • Voodoo Labs GCX Guitar Audio Switcher Rack Unit
  • Voodoo Labs DMC Ground Control Pro

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aVenGeD SeVeNFoLD | A7X

Avenged Sevenfold Bat - avenged-sevenfold wallpaperA7X - avenged-sevenfold wallpaper

Yuhuuuu`~! Thanx 4 Ur Comments For My "WE THE KINGS" Post & Here's Ur Request About Avenged Sevenfold`~! Hehehe.. Orayt, Here It Goes:

Avenged Sevenfold Adalah Sebuah Band Heavy Metal Amerika Yg Ditubuhkan Di Huntington Beach, California. Band Ini Mencapai Kejayaan Mainstream Melalui Album City Of Evil Pada Tahun 2005, Yang Memuatkan Single2 Seperti Burn It Down, Bat Country, Beast And The Harlot Dan Seize The Day. Kejayaan Band ini Berterusan Dengan Self-Titled Album, Yang Memuatkan Single2 Seperti Critical Acclaim, Almost Easy, Afterlife, Scream Dan Dear God.
Band Yang Ditubuhkan Pada 1999 Ini Diasaskan Oleh M Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, The Rev. Dan Matt Wendt. Sounding The Seventh Trumpet Merupakan Album Pertama Avenged Sevenfold Yang Dirakamkan Ketika Mereka Baru Berusia 18 Tahun Dan Masih Di Sekolah Tinggi. Kalau Di Negara Kita, Sekolah Menengah Lha Kenen..Wakakakakaka`~! Album Pertama Mereka DiReleasekan Oleh Label Pertama Mereka Iaitu Good Life Recordings Pada Tahun 2001. Selepas Gitaris Utama, Synyster Gates Menyertai Band Ini, Sebuah Lagu Pengenalan Bertajuk "To End The Rapture" Telah Dirakam Semula Tanpa Track Piano. Album (Sounding The Seventh Trumpet) Tersebut Kemudiannya DiReleasekan Semula Oleh Hopeless Records Pada Tahun 2002. Setelah Bassist Ke-4 (Johnny Christ) Join Band Ni, Sebuah Follow-up Album Bertajuk Waking The Fallen DiReleasekan melalui Label Yang Sama (Hopeless Records) Pada Tahun 2003. Pastu, Tidak Lama Selepas Album Tersebut Dikeluarkan, Mereka Menandatangani Kontrak Dengan Warner Bros. Records. (Fuh, Mcm Trip2 Penglipur-Lara Plak Sy Ni Taw) Wakakakakkaka`~!

City Of Evil (2005-2007):
Wokey, City Of Evil Adalah Album Ketiga Band Ini Yang Dorank Releasekan Pada 7 Jun 2005 Dan Hasilnya, Single Pertama Album Ini Iaitu Bat Country Termasuklah Video Clipnya Sekali Membuahkan Kejayaan Kepada Band Ini Kerana Hasil Jualan Album Ini Malatopppp Dan Secara Tidak Langsung Menjadi Rekod Emas Pertama Bagi Band Ini. Album Ini Sebenarnya Terpesong Jauh Dari Genre Band Ini Iaitu Metalcore (Lebih Kurang Laitu Sama Heavy Metal Kan) Dan M. Shadows Memilih Untuk Mengabaikan Screaming Vocals Yang Sinonim Dengan Dua Album Pertama Mereka. Walaupun Shadows Ketahuan Bahawa Dia Mengalami Kerosakan Pada Tekak Dan Kod Vokal Kesan Daripada Album Waking The Fallen Di Mana Dia Memerlukan Pembedahan Untuk Menyelesaikan Masalah Tersebut, Dia Menjelaskan Bahawa Perubahan Pada Style Vokal Untuk Album Ketiga Ini Bukanlah Akibat Daripada Isu Kerosakan Pada Tekak Dan Kod Vokalnya. Namun Shadows Berjaya Mengatasi Masalah Tersebut Dengan Bantuan Jurulatih Vokalnya, Encik Ron Anderson Yg Baik Hati.. Haha`~! Baik Hati Lha Kenen, Padahal Dibayar Pak`~!!!! Pembedahan Yg Dilakukan Juga Membantu Shadows Untuk Mendapatkan Kembali Screaming Vocalnya Yg UniQue. Hehehe.. UniQue Lha Mangkali.

Avenged Sevenfold (2007):
Kejayaan Mainstream Avenged Sevenfold Memberikan Mereka Advantage Apabila Mereka Mendapat Jemputan Untuk Mengikuti Tour Ozzfest Pada Tahun 2006 Sebaris Dengan Band2 Heavy Metal Dan Hard Rock Yang Femes2 Seperti DragonForce, Lacuna Coil, Hatebreed, Disturbed & System Of A Down (S.O.A.D). Pada Tahun Yg Sama Jugak, Dorank Berjaya Meng-Complete-Kan Worldwide Tour Mereka Termasuklah Di US, England, Eropah, Jepun, Australia Dan New Zealand. Nha..Banyak Tu, Tapi Napa Lha Durank Ndak P SABAH Kenen.. Wakakakakaka`~! Selepas Membatalkan Tour Musim Luruh & Musim Sajuk 2006, Dorank Mengumumkan Tentang Perancangan Dorank Untuk Merakamkan Album Ke-4 Dorank, A Self-Titled Album. M. Shadows Cakap Yang Album Ke-4 Dorank City Of Evil Part 2 Ataw Waking The Fallen Part 2, Tapi Dia Cakap Album Ke-4 Ni Memang Kaw2 Dari Yang Sebelum2nya Kenen.. Haha`~! Tour Asia Dorank Yang Pertama Untuk 2007 Di Indonesia, Singapura Dan Jepun. Untuk "Mengikat" Faminat2 Dorank Sehingga Album Ke-4 Ini DiReleasekan, Dorank KaC Release DVD Pertama Dorank Yg Bertajuk All Excess Pada 17 Julai 2007. U All Know What? All Excess Debuted As The #1 DVD In USA Which Included A Documentary And Live Footage Dating Back To 1999 Along With Music Videos And The Making Of The Seize The Day Music Video.
The Self Titled Album Was Released Out On 30th Of October 2007 To Early Success, Debuting At #4 On The Billboard 200 With Approximately 94 000 Copies Sold. Two Singles, Critical Acclaim & Almost Easy Along With Its Music Video, Were Released Prior To The Album. An Animated Video Was Made For"A Little Pieve Of Heaven" And Was Going Tp Be Included On The MVI, But Due To The Song's Subject Matter (i.e. Necrophilia), Warner Brothers Released It To Registered MVI Users Over The Internet In December 2007. The Third Single, Afterlife And Its Music Video Was Released In January 2008. Avenged Sevenfold Has Confirmed That Their Fourth Single Is The Country Rock Style Song, DEAR GOD.

RECENT (2008):
They Recently Headlined The Taste Of Chaos Tour With Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine, Blessthefall & Idiot Pilot.
Guitarist Zacky Vengeance Confirmed In An Interview That The Band Had Recently Entered The Studio To Record Two New Cover Songs From Metal Giants Iron Maiden And Black Sabbath. Pada 16 Julai (Isu 1219), Majalah Kerrang! Telah Me-Release-Kan CD Pertama Bertajuk Maiden Heaven: A Tribute To Iron Maiden Sebagai Tribute Album Kepada Band Heavy Metal Iron Maiden. Album Ini Memuatkan Lagu Cover Iron Maiden Iaitu Lagu Flash Of The Blade Yg Dinyanyikan Oleh Avenged Sevenfold. "Maiden Are By Far The Best Live Band In The World And Their Music Is Timeless", Quoted By Vocalist M Shadows. "This Also Gives Us A Chance To Expose This Great Song To Some Of Our Younger Fans Who Maybe Aren't As Familiar With Iron Maiden."
Avenged Sevenfold Was Awarded "Album Of The Year" At The Kerrang! Awards. M. Shadows Said This To The Fans: "Receiving Such An Honor In The United Kingdom Means So Much To Us Because England Has Become Like A Second Home. This Summer Has Been The Best Of Our Career. We've Seen So Many Of You In So Many Countries And You've All Touched Us. We're So Proud Of How Much Love Our Fans In The US Have Always Shown Us. And Now It Means The World To Us To Know How Many Of You Around The Globe Have Been Touched By Our Music. Thanks You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts." Wew`~!
Avenged Sevenfold's Most Recent Release, Live In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough, A Two-Disc B-Sides CD & Live DVD, Was Released On 16th Of September 2008.

Band Name And Lyrical Content:
Nama Band Ini Adalah Merujuk Kepada Book Of Genesis Di Dalam Bible - Secara Spesifiknya Dalam Genesis 4:24, Di Mana Cain DiHukum Hidup Dalam Buangan Kerana Membunuh Abangnya. Tuhan Memerhatikan Dia Supaya Tidak Ada Sesiapa Yg Dapat Membunuhnya Agar Dia Dapat Menanggung Segala Pembalasan Akibat Dosanya; Siapa2 Yg Berani Membunuh Cain Akan Menderita Akibat "Pembalasan 7 Kali Ganda" (KJV). Singkatan Kepada Avenged Sevenfold Datangnya Daripada Zacky Vengeance Sebagai A7X. Tajuk Lagu Avenged Sevenfold Iaitu "Chapter Four" Merujuk Kepada Chapter Ke-4 Dalam Book Of Genesis, Di Mana Ia Berkaitan Dengan Cerita Mengenai Cain Dan Abel.
Lagu "Beast And The Harlot" Yg Juga Merupakan Lagu Yg Diambil Dari Bible, Datang Dari Book Of Revelation Cuma Ianya Ditulis Dalam Kontek First Person Dan Merujuk Kepada Hukuman Babylon The Great, Empayar Dunia Dan Kedudukan Agama Yg Salah. Satu Lagi Rujukan Dari Bible Ada Pada Lagu "The Wicked End". Dalam Lagu Ini, Ada Disebut Beberapa Kali Mengenai "Dust The Aplpe Off, Savor Each Bite, And Deep Inside You Know Adam Was Right" Yg Mana Merujuk Kepada Hawa Yg Memakan Buah Larangan. Walaupun Nama Band & Nama Pentas Ahli2 Band Merujuk Kepada Agama, Shadows Menyatakan Dalam Satu Interview Bahawa Mereka Bukanlah Religious Band. Dia Cakap, "Anyone That Reads The Lyrics & Really Knew Anything About Us, They Would Know We're Not Promoting Either". "That's One Thing About This Band That I Love Is That We Never Really Shove Any Kind Of, Like, Political Or Religious Beliefs On People. We Just, The Music's There To Entertain & Maybe Thought-Provoking On Both Sides, But We Don't Try To, Like, Really Shove Anything Down Anyone's Throat. There's Too Many Bands That Do That Nowadays, I think". Wew`~! Band Ini Mempunyai Beberapa Lagu2 Yg Berunsurkan Political In Nature Seperti "Critical Acclaim", "Gunslinger" & "Blinded In Chains". Lagu "Betrayed" Daripada Album "City Of Evil" Adalah Mengenai "Dimebag" Darrel's, Mengenai Pantera & Damageplan, Iaitu Mengenai Kematian. Hurm..Eya Kaitu Arr? Wew`~!

The Deathbat:
Band Ini Mencipta Logo Yg Dikenali Sebagai "Deathbat". Logo Tersebut Sebenarnya Dicipta Oleh Rakan Artistik Sekolah Tinggi Mereka, Iaitu Micah Montague Yg Mana Terdapat Pada DVD Pertama Band Ini Iaitu All Excess, Dan Lebih Banyak Dibuat Oleh Cameron Untuk Album Mereka. Logo The Deathbat Muncul Pada Semua Cover Album Band Ini Termasuklah Pada CD/DVD Baru Mereka Iaitu Live In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough Kecuali Pada Cover Bahagian Dalam Pada Album City Of Evil Yg Dikecualikan. Logo Ini Juga Ada Pada Cover Singles Mereka Seperti "Bat Country", "Almost Easy" & "Critical Acclaim".

In General, Avenged Sevenfold Is Classified As An Important & Influential Band In The New Wave Of American Heavy Metal (NWOAHM). Their Material Ranges Across Many Genres - Including Several Crossover Genres - Often Leaving The Concept Of Genres Altogether (Especially In Their Most Recent Albums). For Example, Avenged Sevenfold's Debut Sounding The Seventh Trumpet Consisted Almost Entirely Of Metalcore Sound, However Consisted O Several Deviations To This Genre, Most Notably In "Streets" Which Adopts A Punk Style, And "Warmness On The Soul" Which Consists Of Mainly Piano, And Could Be Considered Soft Rock. On Waking The Fallen, The band Displayed A Much More Refined & Fluent Metalcore Album That Was Able To Harness The Rawness Of The First Album, And Add More Mature & Intricate Musical Elements. On City Of Evil, Avenged Sevenfold's Third Album, The Band Has Chosen To Abandon The Metalcore Genre, Developing A More Punk Metal/Trash Style, Very Much Like Bands Such As Bullet For My Valentine And Trivium. Also, The Drumming On Both These Albums Is Played In A More Thrash-Influenced Alternative Metal Style, Similar To That Of Slipknot. Avenged Sevenfold's Self-Titled Album, Again, Consists Of Several Deviations To Less Consistent Genres & Styles From The Album's Main Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Songs, Most Notably In "Dear God", Which Adopts A Country Style, And "A Little Piece Of Heaven", Which Includes Elements Of Broadway Show Tunes, Using Primarily Brass Instruments & Stringed Orchestra To Take Over Most Of The Role Of The Lead & Rhythm Guitar. The Band Has Changed Considerably Since Its First Album, Which Was Characterized As A Heavy Band With The Screams, Growls, & Lyrics One Can Expect From The Metalcore Genre, To Being More Of A Fusion Between Punk Rock, Hard Rock, And Heavy Metal.

Current Members:
  • M. Shadows – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Organ, Lyrics (1999–Now)
  • Synyster Gates – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals (2001–Now)
  • Zacky Vengeance – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Backing Vocals (1999–Now)
  • Johnny Christ – Bass, Backing Vocals (2002–Now)
  • The Reverand Tholomew Plague – Drums, Percussion, Piano, Backing Vocals (1999–Now)
Former Members:
  • Justin Meacham – Bass (1999–2001)
  • Dameon Ash – Bass (2001–2002)

Wew`~! Panjang Lebar Jugak Info Pasal Dorank Ni. Wakakakakaka`~! Anyway, For Next Post, Me Akan Bwat Info Pasal Gitarist Avenged Sevenfold Ni, Encik Synyster Gates. So, Gotta Wait For It. Wew`~!


"Run Baby Run, Don't Ever Look Back, They'll Tear Us Apart, If U Give Them The Chance, Don't Sell Ur Heart, Don't Say We're Not Meant To be, Run Baby Run, Forever Will Be, U And Me.."

Wew`~! That's The Main Chorus Verse For Their Single Debut Entitled Check Yes Juliet. Kepada Korang Yg Belum Tahu Lagi Tentang Band Baru Ni, Me Got Informations Bout Them For Ya. We The Kings Merupakan Band Pop Amerika Yg Berasal Dari Bradenton, Florida.Mereka Menandatangani Label Independent Dengan S-Curve Records (Diterbitkan Oleh EMI Music) Dan Debut Album Penuh Mereka Telah DiReleasekan Pada Oktober 2007. Since Then They Have Completed A Variety Of Tours, Most Recently The "Bill And Trav's Bogus Journey" Co-headlining Tour With The Academy Is.... (Band Rock Yang Bertapak Di Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 1 Of The Country-side Of Chicago).
The Band Also Sports Their Own Miniature Series Of Webisodes, Called The King's Carriage, Yang Menceritakan Tentang Kehidupan Mereka Di Dalam Bas Tour Mereka. Mereka Akan Memulakan Sesi Rakaman Untuk Album Baru Mereka Pada Januari 2009. Mereka Juga Telah MeReleasekan Secret Valentine EP Secara Digital Pada 16 Disember 2008.

Ahli2 Band Ini Berjumpa Pada Pertama Kali Di Martha B. King Middle School Di Bradenton, Florida; Nama Band Mereka Dicipta Sempena Institusi Ini. Later, While In His Sophomore Year At Manatee High School, Travis Clark Started A Band Called Broken Image. At This Time, Hunter, Drew, And Danny Were All Playing In Other Bands, But Travis "Cherry Picked" Them To Form Their Band. However Due To Another Couple Of Bands Already Calling Themselves Broken Image, The Name Was Changed To DeSoto, Then, After A Lawsuit Ensued, To We The Kings.
The Group Began Touring Seriously While Travis, Danny And Hunter Were In College, And They Dropped Out Of College To Do So (Wew`~! Sanggup Bha Dorank Kan?), While Drew Graduated Early From High School. They Completed A Couple Of Tours With Boys Like Girls And Self Against City While Still Unsigned, And Landed On The PureVolume Top 10 List After Hiring A Manager.

The Band Has Cited Many Musicians As Influences, Such As Bob Marley, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Beatles. They Have Also Named The Modern-Day Jimmy Eat World. In Addition, Other Bands They Have Toured Will Receive Special Praise, Among Them Boys Like Girls And All Time Low.


  • Travis Clark - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Hunter Thomsen - Guitar, Backup Vocals
  • Danny Duncan - Drum
  • Brian Sconberg - Guitar
  • Gabe Coates - Drum

Wew`~! Me Harap Korang Berpuas Hati Dengan Info Yg Me Post Tentang Band Ni... Kalau Masih Jugak Tidak Puas Hati, Korang Pandai2 Lha Pilih External Links Tentang Band Ni Kat Bawah Ni. Wokey, That's All About Them From Me.. Wew`~!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

NFS: Undercover Review

Orayt Guys, Here's A Lil' Review Bout The Latest Series Of The Need For Speed (NFS) Car Racing Game For Those Who Love Need For Speed As Well And This One Is For Xbox 360 Platforms. Wew`~!

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii, PC - Xbox 360 version reviewed.

Once as sure a bet for the Christmas number one as the X-Factor winner’s single, Need for Speed’s successful run fell apart last year with Need for Speed: ProStreet. Whatever the motivation behind it, the series’ switch from outlaw racer to legit arcade racing sim wasn’t appreciated by the fans, and it’s widely regarded as one of the weaker Need for Speeds. Unsurprisingly, then, Undercover is EA’s attempt to return to past glories; the urban setting, street style and focus on the illegal underground are a direct throwback to the days of NFS: Carbon and the NFS: Underground games, while the visual style gives more than a nod to 2005’s NFS: Most Wanted. Unfortunately, it’s not up to the same sort of standard. Frankly, it doesn’t even feel quite finished.

This time Need for Speed takes the route followed by many a TV programme or movie in which criminal activities are going to be made to look glamorous and exciting: the old undercover cop routine. In a series of video cut-scenes so miniscule that you suspect they were paying her by the second, Mission Impossible III’s Maggie Q briefs you on your continuing efforts to infiltrate a gang of car thieves/underground racers, giving you all the excuse you need to join their ranks and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to city property. The story isn’t brilliant, but you can see what they developers were going for - a sort of Miami Vice meets The Fast and the Furious as directed by a Michael Bay or Tony Scott.

And you can see this influence in the visuals, which sidestep realism in favour of high-contrast, sun-washed imagery and lovingly modelled, over-polished vehicles that could have come straight from a car-porn magazine. Seen in stills taken at the right moment, NFS: Undercover is a beautiful racing game, and an almost perfect cocktail of the best style elements of Most Wanted and Carbon. The environment doesn’t seem designed to be a living, breathing space like Burnout Paradise’s Paradise City or NFS: Most Wanted’s Rockport; it’s more a canvas on which the game can paint its landscapes of headlight trails, speed blur and gleaming, pearlescent metal.

You can also see that this was a city designed to be explored. Like Most Wanted and Carbon, Undercover is an open world game. You cruise the streets looking for action, then join in races and police chases when the opportunity arises. Do enough to advance the plot, and you’ll get a mysterious call from some potential friend or foe asking you to show off your skills or join them on a caper. The urban setting covers several centres linked by a series of highways, and while some of it is a little generic, you can see that the designers have engineered some areas for fun, with unfinished raised highways offering an enjoyable string of jumps, and loads of civic spaces and industrial facilities providing shortcuts. Credit where credit’s due; the faults of Undercover aren’t faults of laziness or a total lack of imagination.


Download Need For Speed: Underground (NFS Download Demo)
Download Need For Speed: Underground 2 (NFS Download Demo)
Download Need For Speed: Carbon (NFS Download Demo)
Download Need For Speed: Most Wanted (NFS Download Demo)
Download Need For Speed: Pro Street (NFS Download Demo)
Download Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit (NFS Download Demo)
Download Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (NFS Download Demo)

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WeW`~! CaN'T FiND WHaT u WaNT ? WeLL, FiND iT iN HeRe`~! HaPPY DoWNLoaDiNG`~! :-))

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